Target T1200 Florence, KY

This Spring we complete a Target P-Fresh remodel in Florence, KY.  The remodel included installing a medium and low-temp Hill Phoenix outdoor unit with condenser, glass door cases and multi-deck cases.

The store also added (5) walk-in’s throughout the store.  Target grades refrigeration contractors on a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being the best. We received one of the only 10’s handed out during this cycle! A big thanks to the team at Glenn’s that made this a success!!

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Kroger L359 Lexington, KY

We recently wrapped up a full store remodel with a 20,000 square foot expansion at Kroger on Bryant Station in Lexington, KY.  Hussmann Protocol units were added, conventional systems were reapplied, and freon converted from R22 to R404A.

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Case Cleaning

Today food safety should be a top priority for any supermarket, restaurant, or anyone who handles food.  Maintaining proper cleanliness and temperature in a refrigerated case are critical to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Proper case cleaning procedures done regularly will prevent bacteria growth, increase customer attitude, and prolong the life and cause the equipment to operate more efficiently.

Whether you have glass door cases, multi-deck open cases, island cases or something in between cleaning your equipment is a must.  Hill Phoenix has provided this video on the importance of case cleaning.

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Dewig Meats

We recently finished a new addition to Dewig Meats in Haubstadt, IN.  They installed all Hill Phoenix refrigeration equipment as well as Hill cooler & freezer panels. 

60′ OGM Service Cases

There was also a 36′ OGM case line-up, a Walk-in cooler with 18 Anthony display doors, and a Walk-in freezer with 21 Anthony display doors. 

L-Shaped Walk-in Freezer

Thank you to the Dewig family and good luck! 

Please contact us for all your refrigeration design / install / service needs. 

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Glenns Commercial Service

Welcome to our new blog page!

We will be doing weekly updates on industry issues, current projects, special promotions, and many other topics. 

Check back to see our next post…

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